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Friends of the Freehold

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Friends of the Freehold


Friends of the Freehold are like-minded individuals who, for one reason or another, are not members of the Barbarian Freehold Alliance, but who’s continue actions, presence, and/or contributions support and better the Freehold.


It's not something we do often, but when a Friend becomes apparent, the suggestion is considered and voted on by the Conclave of Chiefs. Their recommendation is approved or vetoed by the High Chieftain. Generally it's a "why didn't we think of that sooner" decision.


Friends of the Freehold have all the rights and privileges of a member of the Freehold, without any of the responsibility. They are presented with a Jolly Ziggy favor to wear as they will. They are welcome at all Freehold encampments and activities, and are a welcome voice at the Althing.


To date the Freehold has recognized 8 Friends of the Freehold.



Thank you all for your support and friendship!


          Baron Cameron of Caldoon     (approx 1975-1976)


          Duke Gregory of York     (1976)


          Sir Charles of Dublin     (approx 1977-1983)


          Duke Armand de Sevigny     (approx 1978-1980)


         Mistress Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim     (approx 1979 -1981)


          Sir Robear du Bois     (approx 1979 -1981)


          Baron Antonio el Oso     (2004)


         Baroness Bridget Lucia Mackenzie     (5/28/2011)




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