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Bards of the Freehold

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Bards of the Freehold


1st  Bard of the Freehold     June 1976 – May 1977

     Mouise the Insane become the first Bard by right of his storytelling, poetry and a song or two.  At every event he would improv and tell a story or come up with a poem.


2nd Bard of the Freehold     May 1977 – May 1980

     Braden the Minstrel took over the Bard position because Mouise was moving. After a brief Bardic competition Braden won with some poetry and a song.


3rd Bard of the Freehold     May 1980 – August 1981

     Thorson Dankse was Braden's only true competition. Several original songs written for this competition.


4th Bard of the Freehold     August 1981 -  August 1982

     Braden the Minstrel not only added several songs but also several verses to previous songs.


5th Bard of the Freehold     August 1982 – May 1983

     Thorson Dankse The war between the two Bards was getting a bit much. Several songs were just to spite each other.


6th Bard of the Freehold     May 1983 – June 1984

     Kaarna of the Amythyst  had entered the competition before but had not caught the imagination of the rest of the Alliance. At this time she came up with several songs that everyone loved and she took the title with little effort.


7th Bard of the Freehold     June 1984 – July 1985

     Thorson Dankse came up with a several new songs. 


8th Bard of the Freehold     July 1985 – July 1986

     Braden the Minstrel took this title because Thorson was inactive and Kaarna was not able to compete. But Braden had a good group of songs and could keep people amused.


9th Bard of the Freehold    July 1986 – June 1989

     Kaarna of the Amythyst came on strong during this competition and so took the title. She kept the title due to inactivity of the other Bards till she stepped down. 


10th Bard of the Freehold     June 1989 – June 1991

     Braden the Minstrel received the title upon Kaarna stepping down until the Alliance in Caid failed.


11th Bard of the Freehold     January 1998 – June 2000

     Rathflaed DuNoir (The Black Bard of Meridies) wrote and performed several new songs and poems.   The first of the Bards to step back into the shoes of this  “Office”. 


12th Bard of the Freehold     February 2005 – June 2009

      Rois Duinnshleibhe tried to organize several bardic happenings but due to life slowly faded from the scene.



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