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First Era

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   As with any group that is participating for any length of time the Freehold has a very rich history. Some of that history is what made the History of Caid, and this household was a very powerfull unit. There were those times the Freehold was not so powerful also. There are several things that the Freehold may have started so read and be amused....


AS.VIII     September     Erekose von Dragasus and Kerrisa of Silverwolf taking the title of Lord and Lady of the House, start House Dragasus with Bernard von Komkeff as Deputy. There are a total of 6 in the Household.
     October     The office of Arts and Sciences within the household begins. Several research projects are started. Brewing (to make some real wine or mead), costuming (beyond T-tunics), Armor (beyond carpet), and scriptorium. The ideal for the Household is to provide a proving ground for newmembers, a place where members and non-members may be taught, helped by the three founding members, and the right to choose a different persona such as a "Barbarian" if so desired. Friday night meeting workshops are started. The Household participated in the London Bridge War between Atenveldt and Caid(W). The name of the Caid Newsletter "The Crown Prints" was suggested by Kirstin of Hoschar.
Members    6        Associates    1        Caid    50  
Freehold Offices Arts/Sciences--Bernard von Komkeff (Deputy)
Exchequer---Tom Wilson


     January     Hold attends 12th night.
     April     Hold attend Coronet Tourney.
AS.IX     May     Although not becoming new members of the Household, a number of people make use of the Household facilities. James Hrisoulas joins the Household and starts helping those interested in metal working, especially armor. Two forms of membership are now is use. Members who have taken the Household oaths and Swore fealty to the Lord and Lady of the House. Associate member meant that they used the facilities, played with, taught with, and fought with but could at any time move on to other things.
     June     The Household research into proper mead produced at this time some 160 bottles of mead. Winemaking was going to be one of the major products of the Household. Household starts talking about putting together a device.
     July     Hold attends 3rd St. Gunthers and Kirby Prize Tourney.
     September     Hold participates in the formation of the first Brewers Guild of Caid. It lasted only 5 months due to being poorly organized.
     December     Brotherhood of the blade teaches Hold armoring techniques.
Members      10          Associates      2          Caid      100
Freehold Offices Arts/Sciences--Bernard von Komkeff
Exchequer--Tom Wilson
Princepality Chatalaine---Bernard von Komkeff (November....)


     January Household brewing produces 260 bottles to be used as bribery material by Caidan Forces at War. Hold attended 12th Night in Isles. (Have started using a three man fighting team under the instruction of Balin of Tor and Hugh the Undecided.)
     February A change of Hierarchy in the Household is made to start the unit running along the lines of a Clan. Name is changed to Dragasus Freehold.
AS.X May 2nd Caid Rebellion. Two member of the Hold in Army. Caid outnumbered 52 to 36. West had 6 Dukes in their Army.
     June First use of the Jolly Sigfried as a possible banner of the Hold. There are meetings every Friday night for Fighting Practice, Saturday (unless there was an event) for Arts and Sciences plus armory starting at noon, Sunday night for business meetings or workshops. Hold dues are 25 cents per day of attendance. Maihie Mcfergy and Balin of Tor are Associate members. Maihie is Knighted.
     September Hold attends Coronet Tourney.
     October Dragasus Freehold sponsors the first equestrian event in Caid. This event was mostly trail riding. There were a couple of contests to interest or teach people.
     December Along with several other units a discussion with Martin I as to the making of a body of Law.
Members    16        Associates    6        Caid    110
Freehold Offices Arts/Sciences    Bernard von Komkeff
Exchequer    Tom Wilson
Marshall    Balin of Tor
Principality Offices Chatalaine    Bernard von Komkeff (Jan-June)
Seneschal    Fiona MacGregor (Friend)
Earl Marshall    Hugh the Undecided (Friend)
Freehold Budget    $175 for year.


     January Dragasus Freehold becomes the Barbarian Freehold. Atar Bahktar made a Deputy. Thorson and Kirsten become active member of the hold. Hold attends 12th night.
     February Freehold fields t-3 man fighting units for the Caid/Atenveldt War. Bernard changes name to Timotheus. Balin of Tor teaches tactics to Freehold.
     March Canton of New Albion created with Erekose as Seneschal. Freehold sponsors the Second Equestrian Tourney in Caid. Kerrisa autocrats the event. Did well as many members averaged second or third places. Events included the Prince's Cup Race, Archery on Horseback, Retriever Race, Single Pole Decapitation, and Jousting at the Quintain. Maihie took second Place overall.
     April Freehold attends Coronet Tourney. Associate member Balin of Tor wins Coronet.
AS.XI May Freehold sends 2-3man teams to Third Caidan Rebellion. Maihie has been training the Freehold in fighting techniques.
     June Freehold attends Investiture.
     August Freehold meetings are now Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
     September Accusations of Power Abuse and Favoritism are leveled against Erekose and the Freehold.
     November Balin steps down and becomes a Viscount.
Members    40        Freehold fighters    15        Associates    35        Caid    300
Freehold Offices Arts/Sciences    Timotheus
Exchequer    Tom Wilson
Marshall    Balin or Tor
Principality Offices Chatalaine    Timotheus Zacharia (June-December)
Earl Marshall    Hugh the Undecided (Friend)
Sciences    Guinevere de Bremble (Member)
Freehold Budget    $600 a year


     January Freehold attended 12th night. Erekose wanted to confront the Principality about the accusations but Timotheus, Atar, Thorsen, and Maihie made him see reason.
     March Major meeting with Principality Seneschal to discuss the actual facts of the accusations. Although declared innocent it was decided that a lower profile was needed. Erekose resigns as Seneschal of New Albion and the Canton is dropped.
     April The people who made the accusations filed for Canton status and recieved the name Sarn Wold. The Hold attends the 1st Caid Crown Tourney.
AS.XII May Erekose changes the structure of the Freehold by adding the Chieftain to the Hierarchy. Timotheus and Atar are the first Chieftains made. There are Tuesday night fighter Practices. The second Brewing Guild of Caid (The Freehold helped to start it) is teaching everyone how to brew. Thursday meetings are for the Armory. Friday, Saturday, Sunday meetings are Brewing, Scriptorium, Costuming, Sciences/Arts, and General meetings.

At Cambria Faire a Fealty Tourney was fought. All Households, Shires, Baronies were allowed to enter. The Freehold entered. Having mutual aid treaties with Isles and Darach, their fighters added to the already powerful Freehold fighting force. (Making the Freehold Army 50 strong). The Freehold takes the field. The Baronies of Angels and Drieburgen swear "Fealty" to the Freehold.
     June Kingdom of Caid comes into existance. 1st Queens champion Tourney autocratted by Freehold and Sarn Wold. Thorson is made a Chieftain.
     August Freehold Business meeting and Party becomes Grand Council (Althing). Kerrisa is made a Chieftain.
     October Atenveldt /Caid War at Glen Helen Regional Park. Freehold Fields 12 fighters for the War.
Members    75        Associates    75        Caid    300        Fighters    30
Freehold Offices Exchequer    Tom Wilson
Marshall    Thorson Dankse
Kingdom Offices Earl Marshall    Charles of Dublin (Friend)
Sciences    Guinevere de Bremble (Member)
Chatelaine    Timotheus Zacharia (Member)
Additional Offices Angels Sciences    Timotheus
Principality Sciences    (??)
25% of all Scribes in the Kingdom
Monthly budget was $200.00


     January Freehold attends 12th night.
AS.XIII May Freehold Chief Erekose moves to Los Osos.
     June Erekose starts a new unit in Los Osos. The second half of Angels Anniversary was a Melee War of Fealty. This was very well attended as several units wanted to clear their names. This time the Freehold led an army made up of fighters of the Freehold, Darachshire, Reislingshire, and Isles. (Making the Freehold army 65 strong.) The melee finished with the Freehold still standing. The Baronies of Angels, Drieburgen, and Lyondemere swore fealty to the Freehold.
     August 1st Freehold Althing. Was a success with over 80 in attendance. Rubber stamped all of Erekose's suggestions.
     November Freehold attends Coronation.
Members    85        Associates    75        Caid    600
Freehold Offices Exchequer    Tom Wilson
Marshall    Thorson Dankse
Kingdom Officers Seneschal    Armand de Seviny (Friend)
Earl Marshall    Charles of Dublin (Friend)
Budget $150 year


     January Freehold attends 12th night.
     April Freehold attends Crown Tourney.
AS.XIV May May War-Tarnmist-War with West. Erekose made Court Baron**
     July At Lyondemeres 6th anniversary the Freehold was challenged. The Freehold (30 fighters strong)then bought the Chivalry (18 at this event) for 200 bottles of beer and wine, and beat the rest of the Kingdom.
     August War between Caid, Atenveldt, and West. Freehold fielded 20 fighters for the war. 2nd Freehold Althing with attendance at 85. Several new proposals looked at but in the end nothing was changed.
     September Freehold sponsors a Melee battle at Angels 10th Anniversary. The Freehold again beats the whole kingdom.
     October Erekose takes the title of High Chieftain, decrees that the Chieftains are now Chiefs. The Freehold is broken into 3 separate holds or clans each with its own Chieftain. All are still under the control of High Chieftain Erekose.
Members    90        Associates    85        Caid    600        Fighters    30
Freehold Offices These are absorbed into each of the local Holds.
Kingdom Officers Arts    Neptha of Thebes (Friend)
Scribe    Eowyn Amberdrake (Member)
** According to Freehold legend Erekose was called up to recieve his Court Baroncy from the Crown of the West, and not to be outdone the Crown of Caid also bestowed the title at the same time. Many people even outside the Freehold remember this occurance. But the interesting thing is that the West lists this as August 80 and Caid lists it as November 80. (?????)


     January Freehold attends 12th night. Jetana the Harper won the Costume contest.
     March The five Freehold Clans are based in Ventura (House Morganwind), Los Osos (Bjornsdale), Van Nuys (Ravenhold), Sylmar (Sarnwald, a seperate group from the Canton), Tujunga (Panthera). These units still act as one unit under Erekose. Workshops and meetings average two nights a week per hold.
AS XV August Freehold attends Japanese Tourney. 3rd Althing. Attendance was 225 with over 80 at the Banquet. Erekose steps down as absolute ruler. He is to continue ruling as the High Chieftain. The Althing decrees that the title of Thane was to be used be Erekose for his Baronial Title. The High Chieftain was to rule and Coordinate the local Chieftains and so the Freehold but leave the holds with some local autonomy. The Chiefs were to be Permanent titles and ranked above Cheiftains. Associate membership is to be dropped. The Barbarian Freehold Alliance comes into existance.
     December 1st Winter Althing. Attended by 25 and sponsored by House Morganwind.
Members    90        Associates    85        Caid    1000        Fighters    35
Kingdom Officers Chatalaine     Luxandra of Altumbria (Member)
Scribe    Eowyn Amberdrake (Member)
Chronicler    Amadea de Strada Dragonesa (Member)
Constable    Atar Bahktar (Member)

Notes and people of the First Era

The Freehold along with several other Groups changed the Bod's mind about only people having devices.


Along with several units in Caid convinced Martin I that a unified listing of Kingdom law would be best.


Showed the Kingdom and the Known World just how powerfull a well trained army unit was. Basing most Freehold units on a pattern of three, this has become the Standard of the SCA.


During 75-80 not only were there several Kingdom Offices held but in most cases the Deputy position was held if the top position was not. Along with this the first Handbooks for these offices were written by Freeholders.

Mouise the Insane: Was our first Bard. Had a sharp wit and would many times make a point with a story. Was very active during the first 5 years. Still shows up once in a while at events.


Balin of Tor: Didn't participate except in our fighting. Taught tactics. After the 81 Althing he quit the Freehold and would not have anything more to do with it. Went on to become King and Captain General of the Army.


Maihie McFergie: Taught fighting technique. Was one of several who had the idea for the Althing. Loved to Party. Helped make the Freehold War worthy.


Braden the Minstrel: 1st Freehold bard turning out songs for the Hold. Helped teach the Arts, worked in the Armory. Was a prime example of Freehold Bards. Fought on the field.


Kirstin Hoschar: Ran many of the Business meetings and held several of the Hold offices. Started and helped run Ravenhold. Autocrat for the 81 Althing.


Thorson Dankse: Worked in the Armory and was the Marshall. Helped Erekose on the Field. Made a Chieftain.


Atar Bahktar: Helped teach armory. Major Brewer. Deputy to Erekose. Bladesmithing given a start. Started Sarn Wold. Major speaker at the 81 Althing. Made a Chieftain.


Timotheus Zacharia: Helped found the Freehold. Major Brewer. Deputy to Erekose. Was very active in Mainstream SCA holding many offices. Made a Cheiftain.


Kerrissa of Silverwolf: Helped found the Freehold. Pushed the Arts/Sciences. Had one of the largest Scroll workshops in the Principality for several years. Autocratted both Equestrian events put on by the Freehold. Made a Cheiftain.


Erekose von Dragasus: Charimatic Leader. Good fighter. Brewer, leatherworker, woodworker, armoror. Was able to bring out the best in most people. Was willing to teach no matter how long it took. Started the Freehold to help new members in the SCA have a place to call home.

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