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Jolly Zigfried

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Gold Ziggy favors made for

Tanists Morgan and Ulfblood

Cross stitched by Adisla
Sewn by Tulga




      The Zigfried is the symbol of the Barbarian Freehold Alliance. Since 1974 we have flown war banners, personal banners at encampments, personal favors hanging from belts, leather belts, and even a coronet, with the likeness of the Zigfried.


      The Zigfried has many name variations: Jolly Zigfried, Ziggy (No, not that Ziggy!), Jolly Sigfried, and Siggy


      The heraldric description is a black background with the Sigfried all in silver. But some folks artistically render it in natural colors.


Meaning of the Jolly Zigfried

      The human skull symbolizes manpower

      The cattle horns symbolize wealth

      The sword symbolizes Arts & Sciences

      The smile notes that we don't take ourselves too seriously



      The Zigfried is white on a black background

      Gold Ziggy is gold on a black background and is reserved for Tanists and High Chietians




When the Freehold came into existence one of the things they wanted was a device., however, SCA policy at the time forbade groups from having devices. The Freehold along with several Households from around the Known World actively worked at getting this changed.



By June the Freehold was able to register a device.


  • Keeping in mind that a Celtic style device was wanted they started with a human skull. This was to symbolize manpower.
  • With 12 members in the Freehold and Caid numbering 80-we represented 15% of the Principality. Manpower.
  • The cattle horns were added to show that we were a wealthy household. The budget of the Freehold was 25% as large as the Principality.
  • In adding the sword we showed that we also worked in the Arts and Sciences -- artistic and industrial power -- the Freehold was producing at 1/3 the rest of the Principality.
  • The smile was added to show that we understand that this is a game and we won't take things too seriously.


     For the rest of the year it was called "The Device".



     A Get Smart episode displaying a skull on Sigfried's desk at KAOS, and a slight spelling error, was the inspiration for naming the device "Zigfreid" or Ziggy for short.



     The resemblance to the Jolly Roger "Skull and Crossbones" was pointed out and the name "Jolly Zigfried" was born.



    Gold Ziggy (gold on a black background)  was created in 2011 by High Chieftain Timotheus, and is reserved as a symbol of office for the Tanists and High Chieftains.



     Ziggy FINALLY registered with the College Heralds! Registered as a badge for Chief Timotheus, with a Heraldic Will leaving it to officers of the Freehold. See the approval letter.




Charted Pattern


Click here for a charted pattern for the Jolly Zigfried.



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