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Notable Freeholders

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Notable Freeholders


Atar Bahktar: Helped teach armory. Major Brewer. Deputy to Erekose. Bladesmithing given a start. Started Sarn Wold. Major speaker at the 81 Althing. Made a Chief.


Balin of Tor: Didn't participate except in our fighting. Taught tactics. After the 81 Althing he quit the Freehold and would not have anything more to do with it. Went on to become King and Captain General of the Army.


Bernard von Komkeff: Name changed to Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling


Braden the Minstrel: 1st Freehold bard turning out songs for the Hold. Helped teach the Arts, worked in the Armory. Was a prime example of Freehold Bards. Fought on the field.


Bragison the Skald: Second High Chieftain with Dielle Duinnsleibhe the Stormsinger. Chieftain of Odin's Hold.


Caqilin MacDannan: A Chief of the Freehold


Dielle Duinnsleibhe the Stormsinger: Name changed to Rois Duinnshleibhe


Eadweard the Kraken: Cheiftain of Kell's Hearth East.


Erekose von Dragasus: Charimatic Leader. Good fighter. Brewer, leatherworker, woodworker, armoror. Was able to bring out the best in most people. Was willing to teach no matter how long it took. Started the Freehold to help new members in the SCA have a place to call home.


Kirstin Hoschar: Ran many of the Business meetings and held several of the Hold offices. Started and helped run Ravenhold. Autocrat for the 81 Althing.


Kerrissa of Silverwolf: Helped found the Freehold. Pushed the Arts/Sciences. Had one of the largest Scroll workshops in the Principality for several years. Autocratted both Equestrian events put on by the Freehold. Made a Chief.


Maihie McFergie: Taught fighting technique. Was one of several who had the idea for the Althing. Loved to Party. Helped make the Freehold War worthy.


Rois Duinnshleibhe: Second High Chieftain with Bragison the Skald. Current Bard of the Freehold as Dielle Duinnsleibhe the Stormsinger.


Thorson Dankse: Worked in the Armory and was the Marshall. Helped Erekose on the Field. Made a Chieftain.


Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling: Helped found the Freehold. Major Brewer. Deputy to Erekose. Was very active in Mainstream SCA holding many offices. Made a Chief. Originally known as Bernard von Komkeff.

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