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   The following publications are produced by the Freehold to help its membership and inform the public.




Membership Handbook----Includes member basics and a brief history.





Runestaff----Alliance newsletter. Stories, calendar, informative articles.






High Chieftain Handbook----Ceremonies, procedures, records, etc.




  • Letters of Marque:
    • 1983 -- From Caid, signed by King Jason
    • 2006 -- From Duke Fabian, King of the West,  for fighting under the Western Kingdom
    • 2007 (Text of Letter, Tribute pictures) -- From Ryan, the Baron of Sundragon, open writ and reprisal with right of ransom.
    • 2011-- From Their Excellencies Conrad and Leah, of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, grants the Barbarian Freehold Alliance the right to invade,conquer and hold sovereign lands in Their name.






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